Trying to buy a laptop without Windows installed - Part 5, Scan Computers

Submitted via the Customer Services web form, 31/08/2012

Hi, I have been looking round your website with a view to buying a laptop.
However, as a Linux user I do not want to buy a laptop which is preloaded with any variety of windows 
which I will then have to try to claim money back for after rejecting the windows licence which I do 
not agree with the terms of.

Unfortunately, I have not found any models which are available without windows. Is there an option 
to buy a laptop either with Linux preloaded or without windows installed?

A rather quick reply, less than one hour:-

Hi Lee, thanks for your quick reply.
> Unfortunately we do not install Linux on our laptop range. We must install
> an operating system in order to test all the functionality of the machine,
> but you're more than welcome to wipe this as we'll use a trial copy anyway.
> This would apply to our 3XS laptops only; 

Thanks for this info, so far this is the most positive reply I have had from shopping around, 
However, these laptops seem to be £1000 when VAT is added. I was looking for something in the 
range of £600-800 max.

Is it possible to order a cheaper model and you to just not supply windows or wipe it prior to shipping?

> Hope this helps, 
> Kind regards, 
> Lee Pennington - Contact: 0871-472-4747
> Scan Computers

And another quick reply:-

We'll be having more information on custom laptops in the very near future. It's not live just yet but we're almost there. 
Would you like me to give you a call once they're live? 

Kind regards, 

Lee Pennington - Contact: 0871-472-4747
Scan Computers
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