Marconi (formally Fore) PCA-200E PC nic -- Ubuntu 12.04

Work done on Ubuntu 12.04, see this page for Centos 6.6:- FIXME

Driver and firmware

The PCA200 driver is included in the Ubuntu atm-tools package in the main repo, but doesn't work out of the box.

lsmod shows:-

fore_200e              21189  0 

So the driver is loaded, but as with the Centos, dmesg shows we are missing firmware:-

root@atmtest:~# dmesg | grep fore
[   30.952245] fore200e: FORE Systems 200E-series ATM driver - version 0.3e
[   30.954188] fore_200e 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A -> Link[LNKB] -> GSI 10 (level, low) -> IRQ 10
[   30.954358] fore200e: device PCA-200E found at 0xe4000000, IRQ 10
[   31.044288] fore200e: device PCA-200E-0 self-test passed
[   38.028224] fore200e: problem loading firmware image PCA-200E
[   38.028265] fore200e: removing device PCA-200E-0 at 0xe4000000, IRQ 10
[   38.029803] fore_200e 0000:00:14.0: PCI INT A disabled

As with centos, the firmware needs extracting from a Fore package and copying to /lib/firmware.

Card now appears to work OK!

root@atmtest:~# cat /proc/net/atm/pca200e\:0 

   internal name:               PCA-200E-0
   PCI bus/slot/function:       0/20/0
   interrupt line:              10
   physical base address:       0xe4000000
   virtual base address:        0xd8780000
   factory address (ESI):       00:20:48:64:5d:75
   board serial number:         23925

So the card is now working.

ATM signalling and ilmi

Now trying to initialise the card seems to work:-

[root@neptune ~]# atmsigd -u uni31+uni30  -l /var/log/atm/atmsigd.log -m user -b -d
[root@neptune ~]# ilmid -b -d -v -l /var/log/atm/ilmid.log -u 3.1

So far, I have not found the Ubuntu version of ilmidiag, so I'm not sure if it is missing from the package.

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