Trying to buy a laptop without Windows installed - Part 3, HP

HP make decent laptops too, both for business and consumer use, so perhaps they can offer a useful choice of Operating System?

Hi, I have been looking at the range of HP Laptops on offer and I have a
question about the choice of Operating Systems available.
All over your website you have the statement  
"HP recommends Windows® 7".

A recommendation would imply that there is a choice of alternatives but
you feel that one particular option is the most suitable. 

However I cannot find anywhere on your website which lists alternative
choices if I do not want to run Windows7. 

Please can you advice me of the alternatives to Windows 7 you can supply.


This is all the reply I had….

HP questions before you buy

Thank you for your e-Mail to HP.
This is an automated response to acknowledge that we have successfully received your enquiry and will reply to you as soon as possible.

Hewlett-Packard ltd

UPDATE - 2015

I contacted an HP reseller (Insight) and they were able to supply a HP laptop (Elitebook 8470w) with just freedos installed for considerably less that with windows 7 installed. In fact, I'm using this laptop still, it runs Linux perfectly with all hardware detected on Fedora, and after a rebuild with Lubuntu 16.04. So WHY don't HP own up to the fact that you can buy a laptop without windows????

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