NetWare 3.12


NetWare 3.1x licences are contained in the server.exe file, this file also contains the serial number of the licence.

Console Commands

add name space <type> to <vol> - add non dos support to filesys (eg. type = mac)
bind <protocol> to <landriver / boardname> - link protocol to hardware
broadcast <message> - send to attached users
load <path> cdrom - allow use of cdrom (see 'cd help' for usage)
clear station <num> - close open files for <connection>
config - display information
display networks
display servers
down - shutdown server
install - installation and maintenance tasks (useful command) - load install
list devices - show (storage) devices
load <module>
modules - display info on currently loaded modules
monitor - view information on server
name - display file server name
pconsole, manage printing
remote - nlm for remote access from workstation (also rspx for secure ipx)
scan for new devices - check for new devices since last boot
server - boot from dos
set time - set system time
set timezone
speed - show cpu speed
version - display file server version and copyright
volumes - list mounted volumes
vrepair - correct volume problems and remove namespaces - copy vrepair.nlm and the name space support modules to the dos boot directory to allow repair of sys: volume (needs to work on dismounted volumes)

syscon, manage users, file server operations, login scripts

Workstation Commands


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