HP EVA create host

You will need to be logged in to an sssu client somewhere….

Create Host wwn

mon01-3.00$ sssu

SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
Version: 6.0
Build: 35


NoSystemSelected> ls system

Systems available on this Manager:

NoSystemSelected> select system array02


array02> ADD HOST "\Hosts\Database server\Production\db05" WORLD_WIDE_NAME="5001-4380-340f-01b4"
array02> SET HOST "\Hosts\Database server\Production\db05" ADD_WORLD_WIDE_NAME="5001-5680-140f-01b6"
array02> SET HOST "\Hosts\Database server\Production\db05" OPERATING_SYSTEM="Linux"

It would appear that for ADD's the keywords must be in capitals.

Also, the command line does not have command history, so you need to type/paste in commands new each time.

Another Also, the cli does not like backspaces or cursor lefts and command history with up arrow, it will seem to work on screen but the command will fail. The solution is to copy and paste the entire line and paste in one go. Chances are it will work. Or maybe not. HP really need to do a better CLI for the EVA.


array02> SET HOST "\Hosts\Database server\BI\bi01" ADD_WORLD_WIDE_NAME="5341-10a0-0021-ad4c"

Error: Error cannot modify object properties. [Object Already Exists]

This error was caused by

Delete Host wwn

array02> SET HOST "\Hosts\Database server\BI\bi01" DELETE_WORLD_WIDE_NAME="5341-10A0-0021-A732"

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