Accessing Lync with Pidgin

Note, this page is rather old and may be out of date.

Turns out to be really easy! See and

[root@e6410 ~]# yum install pidgin-evolution pidgin-sipe finch

Settings are:-

Basic Tab:-

  • Protocol - Office Communicator
  • Username - <your email address>
  • Login - DOMAIN\<MAD DOMAIN LOGIN username>
  • Password - <Your MAD Password>
  • Local Alias - <your real name>

Advanced Tab:-

  • Connection type - Auto
  • Authentication Scheme - TLS-DSK or NTLM, not sure which is best.
  • Use Single Sign-on - Tick

Buddy format

You can add Buddies from an XML file, but you need to enable the “List Manager” plugin.

To set up an alias, use the following format for the username:-

This page gives some more information on xmpp IM names:-

See LDAP - playing with Microsoft AD (MAD) for a script to extract SIP: from MS LDAP.

Also tested now is voice, person to person works fine, not sure where the join conference info is. If you start a person to person call and then add more people in, it works with all participants too.

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