Computers for Children


Having had several looks round the internet for books, pdf's or web sites with information on how computers work aimed at children and not really found anything, I decided it was time to start trying to write the sort of document I wanted to find.

The target audience for this guide is 11 years and older who have an interest in how computers work and not just how to play games or look at web pages. It aims to look under the hood in some depth at the technology which makes a computer work, both the hardware starting with some binary arithmetic and logic gates, and the operating systems and applications which turn the computer into a useful tool.

I want to focus on the principles and technology which underpin computing, trying to show which button to click is futile, it is more important to understand what is being achieved by clicking on a button so that when the function is called something different or the button or menu changed, it is easy to find the new way to achieve the desired result.

By the end, I would hope that a motivated child would be able to assemble a personal computer and load an operating system from cd with some assistance from a parent or other adult.


If you have any comments, please email me on “c4c” at “rainsbrook dot co dot uk”.

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