City Fibre ( Vodafone )


The latest addition to digging up Coventry:-

City Fibre logo

These pics were taken during the dig in the north part of Coventry. There is a lot of similarity it seems, to the way Virgin Media Fibre are providing “Real” fibre connections, but there are big differences too. It is a mix of underground and overhead connections, it seems that if the ducts are passing a property, the connections are underground, but for those properties not passed directly, a fibre duct is run up a BT pole and a Fibre dist box of some sort then breaks out the fibre to an overhead cable to connect to the property.

Outside works

CF are adding new street cabinets, I have not had a chance to see inside one yet. These seem to be the point the fibre ducts emanate from, they were digging in 4 inch ducts, as well as approx 0.5 inch ducts which seem to feed the BT poles and about 0.3 inch ducts which feed access boxes outside premises. These seem to be the same as the Virgin Fibre ones, obviously with a different logo.

Pole top fibre outlet

Inside equipment

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