Binatone HomeSurf tablet


Bought as a Christmas present for my wife, this appeared an ideal way to surf the Internet and access internal network services at a reasonable cost.

HomeSurf HomeSurf-Inside HomeSurf8 and Docking Station


As part of setting it up prior to Christmas Day, I had trouble connecting the HomeSurf to my Cisco 1200 Access Point with WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK . I found an article relating to a PDA not connecting with WPA-PSK because the handshake timeout was not long enough for the slow CPU in the PDA to do it's encryption calculations. Adding the following parameter to IOS was suggested and this worked for me with the HomeSurf. Strangely, my Motorola DEXT phone also running Android did not have this problem.

dot11 wpa handshake timeout 2000


Build quality seems ok, feel and size is ok, but no access to Android Market for apps. This was the primary reason for buying an Android Tablet, the included Apps do not do the sort of things I want, and the browser has difficulty with many web sites.

Would I buy this Tablet knowing what I do now? No.

However, after some further investigation, I can download and install non-AndroidMarket apps (LINK FIXME). As a result I am much happier with this. It's not bad as an ebook reader, or for light web browsing.

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