IRIX commands

What version of IRIX

origin1 2# uname -Rs
IRIX64 6.5 6.5.19f


# set term = vt100
# sysinfo -vv
# hostname (reads /etc/sys_id)
# toolchest  -title SERVERNAME
# hinv (hardwware inventory)
# exportfs --see NFS exports (set in /etc/exports)

File Locations

These are SGI specific ones, other files are as per UNIX in general.

/var/adm/syslog (or SYSLOG)


Fore ATM

config is in /usr/etc/fore/etc

see /etc/rc2.d/S30network. –for ifconfig at startup

# atmstat -d -h <host> -- device stats
# configure_lanem -- LANE config

X windows

# xhost + (allows any machine to access!)

hosts file must have fqdn name of X server


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