3Com - 3c108 AUI transceiver (Medium Attachment Unit, MAU)


AUI to thick ethernet transceiver designed to connect to network cards with an AUI 15 pin D socket. This interfaced to a 50 Ohm coaxial cable via N-type coax connectors and provided a connection “Drop”.

The correct name for this is a Medium Attachment Unit.

3Com ISA network card with AUI port. The transceivers are powered from a source in the network card, the tx and rx connections are over a twisted pair.

The card on the right is an old 3Com one, it has from bottom to top, a thin ethernet BNC socket (10Base-2), and AUI port for connecting to the 3C108 transceiver (Using a 15pin D plug to 15pin D socket, 3 sets of twisted pairs, Tx, Rx and power) and at the top, a 10Base-T RJ45 connector.

Coax Interface

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