Comment to "Microsoft's radical new business plan is hidden in plain sight"

> As an aside -"Today, Unix is almost gone" and "Linux may be neutralized as a competitive threat"

What rot.

Not from where I am looking. Windows servers gained over NetWare due to the usual strong arm tactics of MS licencing, 
head to head NetWare was a far better file server than windows. 

As for unix going away, it is true that unix has lost market share to linux, but nobody in their right mind would 
run a serious application on windows if uptime, availability and security are of importance. 
I administer linux and unix systems professionally and I don't see any significant shift away. 
Windows despite it's efforts is still not a player in the datacentre market and irrelevant in the cloud space. 
As for the options to running windows, they just get better. Linux is a viable desktop system for 
business, the shift to SaS and web delivered services makes this an easier decision all the time, 
email, office and internet (browser) applications are all available and just as easy to use as ms 
equivalents. Who uses all the features of ms office anyway? Probably less than 5% of users. 
The rest just type letters, reports, presentations and do simple spreadsheets, all of which can be 
done well with Open Office. The choice of browsers is well known enough not to require any further discussion. 
Let's not even get on to the range of programming tools included with any linux system, 
that discussion would need an article of it's own.
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