What to do with an unwanted licence for w7

Finally after much consideration and despite Sony's attitude to a choice of Operating System, I bought a VAIO Laptop.As far as the hardware goes, I am very pleased with it, however the supplied OS is another matter.

Subject: Re:: VAIO
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 16:15:19 +0000
From: Andrew Stringer <xxxx@rainsbrook.co.uk>
To: Sales Sony Store Online <sales.gb@shop.sony-europe.com>
Reply-To: xxxx@rainsbrook.co.uk

Dear Sirs, 
Thank you for replying to my initial enquiry regarding the lack of choice
of alternative operating systems to Windows 7.

I have taken to opportunity to choose to buy a Vaio over laptops from
alternative manufacturers, however I have been forced to buy a model
preloaded with windows7 which I do not want.

As a Linux user, I intend to wipe windows7 and upgrade the OS to Linux,
probably Fedora 15.

As I will not be using Windows, please can you detail the process to
follow to obtain a refund for the cost of unwanted software, namely

I prefer Linux to windows due to it's better security, ease of use and
freedom to use how I want. 

I do not want to use any Microsoft software due the the companies attempts
to create a monopoly of use for windows which is anti competitive. 

Please advise me how I should proceed.

Dear Andrew, 

Thank you for contacting Sony UK and I apologise for a late reply.

All of our VAIO notebooks and desktops come with Windows 7 OS and only an 
option to select Home Premium or Professional OS.

We would not be able to reimburse any costs for you not wanting Windows 7 OS.

Should you need further information or assistance, please contact us at
customer.service.gb@shop.sony-europe.com or by telephone on 0845 6000

Kind regards.

Babar Gill
Sony Sales Centre
Tel: 0845 6000 124 
Dear Mr Gill, thank you for your reply, I too must apologise for my late

Your email does not really address my initial question regarding why "VAIO
recommends Windows® 7"
when there would not seem to be a choice available. 
A recommendation would imply that there is a choice of options available,
but it would seem that
the only choice is between different versions of the same os which you are
Also, I would only want to make a recommendation based on some knowledge
of a users requirements, but 
your recommendation takes no account of a users requirements.

As I mentioned further down in this email, I have bought a
Vaio laptop which reluctantly came with W7, 
however as I do not use windows or agree with Microsoft's restrictive and
closed licensing, I did not accept the licence and exercised choice in 
installing what I want to run, 
namely Fedora 15 which works very well (I'd urge you to try it and see how
much better than windows it is, 
see [[rb:whywin7isrubbish|Windows 7 is rubbish and KDE/Linux is better]] for some
of the reasons).

Having rejected the windows licence and installed my own software leaves
me out of pocket for an option I did not want, did not ask for, 
was not able to decline but was forced to pay for.

Please advice me how Sony can help me resolve this situation. I would
expect a refund on money around the 
same amount as the windows licence would cost you to buy from Microsoft.

If you require any information from me regarding the model and serial
number of the laptop, I am very happy to supply it.

Andrew Stringer.
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