Martyrs Memorial

The Martyrs Memorial is located in the middle of Junction 5 of Coventry's Ring Road. I am not sure if this memorial is still at it's original location, but mention is made of Martyr's Field, 200 yards easterly for the site of the Martyrdom.

Map of location

Martyrs Memorial Front Face of monument

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Face 1 words:-

Near this spot
Eleven persons whose names are subjoined 
suffered death for conscience' sake
in the reign of King Henry VIII and Queen Mary

In xxxx, Joan Ward,
on April 4th, 1519

Mistress Landsdail (or Smith)
Thomas Landsdail, Hosier.
Master Hawkins, Skinner.
Master Wrigsham, Glover.
Robert Hockett, Shoemaker.
Thomas Bond, Shoemaker.

In January 1521, Robert Selkes (or Silksby)
On February 8th, 1555, Laurence Saunders.
On September 20th, 1555, Robert Glover and
Cornelius Bongey.

Face 2 words:-

It is recorded that 
the martyrs were burned in the Little Park.
The same place where the Lollards suffered.
The martyrs' Field (now built upon)
was situated 200 yards from this spot
in an easterly direction.

The last words spoken by Laurence Saunders were
Welcome the cross of Christ
Welcome everlasting life
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