IBM 8265 ATM Switch

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This page is old and not maintained, see this page for updates.
Soon after our project started, we replaced the 8285 with an 8265 because of the larger capacity for ports. 8265 was chosen in preference to 8260 because it was more recent and supported faster blades, eg. 4x155MB/s & 1x622MB/s. Many of the blades are common, eg MSS 8210 shown in the right hand side of the 8260 picture.

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase an 8265 for myself, it was cheap but the admin password was not known. Without this it is a lump of useless metal, but I found the answer below in this pdf file:-
Administrator access.
The administrator password gives read and write access to all ATM commands.
Factory default Administrator password is "8265".

If passwords do not work:-
Enter "force" at the password prompt.
Press the Reset button on the front panel of the CPSW within 3 seconds.
This will reboot the CPSW with factory default password settings.
So much for 3 seconds, its more like 1 second! But it worked and I now have a manageable switch.

IBM 8265 Nways ATM Campus Switch

IBM 8265 modules

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Interacting with other switches

Fore-speak, NSAP is Network Service Access Point is PNNI Peer Group in IBM speak, so 13 byte (104 bits) NSAP prefix is PNNI peer group level for IBM.