Reply to Metro article:- Is it 10 out of 10 for new windows?

Your reporter Leon Poultney makes some interesting points in his article “Is it 10 out of 10 for new windows?” in Fridays Metro. However one major issue with windows is not addressed at all in the article is, how do I buy a computer without a copy of windows?

Why would anyone want to but a computer without an OS installed? My wife has a Mac Air which we are both very happy with, but I run Linux on my own laptop (If you haven't heard of “Linux”, just Google it, you will see it actually runs everywhere, from the computers which run Google and Facebook to the Android phones we use). Trying to buy a windows-free laptop should be easy but is almost impossible due to the way microsoft licences windows.

One option which all laptops and desktops should have at purchase is to buy it without the OS licence at a reduced cost. Requiring users to buy a windows licence when it is not required is forcing them to spend money on something which is not wanted or required and will not be used, this is morally theft of our money.

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