Trying to buy a laptop without Windows installed - Part 2, Sony Vaio

I tried contacting Sony to see their attitude to non Windows laptops, given that Sony feel they would like to offer an recommendation, surely they must offer a range of options in order that they can “recommend” a particular choice. A recommendation without a choice is rather like Erich Honecker recommending that you vote Communist.

Hi, I have been looking at the range of Vaio Laptops on offer and I have a
question about the choice of Operating Systems available.
All over your Vaio website you have the statement  
"VAIO recommends Windows® 7".

A recommendation would imply that there is a choice of alternatives but
you feel that one particular option is the most suitable. 

However I cannot find anywhere on your website which lists alternative
choices if I do not want to run Windows7. 

Please can you advice me of the alternatives to Windows 7 you can supply.


Sony's reply is not exactly helpful, a quick look on Google would reveal that VAIO's run Linux rather well, in my experience far better than Windows.

Dear Andrew

Thank you for contacting Sony.

All of our VAIO notebooks and desktops come with Windows 7 OS and an option to select Home Premium or Professional OS.

We appreciate your feedback and have forwarded it to our Marketing department.

Should you need further information or assistance, please contact us at or by telephone on 0845 6000 124.

Thank you for choosing Sony.

Kind regards

Amit Pothuluri
Sony MCR
Tel: 0845 6000 124 
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