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 {{rb:​20180411_182148.jpg?​200|}} {{rb:​20180411_182148.jpg?​200|}}
-{{:​rb:​img_20170917_130649.jpg?​200|}}+The new Virgin Media network seems to be a true fibre network, ie. fibre right to the premesis. As a result the digging is to lay blown fibre ducts to all the premises passed. These show a new footway box being constructed. The smaller ducts are to premises and larger oval ones seem to go the distribution cabinets. ​ \\ 
 +{{:​rb:​img_20170917_130649.jpg?200|}} {{:​rb:​img_20170917_130658.jpg?200|}}
 +This is the duct termination point outside each premises. When a subscriber is added, the installers continue the blown fibre duct to the NTE which is fixed to the outside of the premises. This (I assume) converts the fibre to a copper wire. \\
 {{:​rb:​20180411_182411.jpg?​200|}} {{:​rb:​20180411_182411.jpg?​200|}}
 +Example of the blown fibre ducts used. \\
 {{:​rb:​20180412_144807.jpg?​200|}} {{:​rb:​20180412_144807.jpg?​200|}}

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