Random voip notes

Cisco 7960

TFTP Boot sequence files:-

  1. CTLSEP0014A91043E4.tlv
  2. SIPDefault.cnf
  3. SIP0014A91043E4.cnf
  5. dialplan.xml

To reboot a SIP Cisco, Press * 6 settings_key at the same time

Additionally if you are running SIP firmware on your 7960's then you can

  1. Hold the # key on the phone while it is booting,
  2. It will report “reset key sequence detected”
  3. then to reset the config enter “123456789*0#”
  4. the phone will ask if you wish to keep your Network Cfg?

1 for yes
2 for No,
you will want to press “1” otherwise it will clear your static IP, and TFTP settings in the phones config.

3750 switch config

interface FastEthernet1/0/19 description VOIP port POE for 7960 switchport mode access switchport voice vlan 1 spanning-tree portfast

Securing extensions on Trixbox.

Quote from somewhere about ipaddress restriction security.

You can use a similar technique to secure your PBX by implementing IP address restrictions. For example, if all of your extensions are housed on a private subnet of your internal LAN, then there is no reason to allow Internet access to those extensions. Similarly, for extensions outside your local network, you now can hardcode the IP address into the extension to restrict access. To implement this with Asterisk and FreePBX-based systems, you'll first need to upgrade FreePBX to at least version Once you've upgraded, go into each extension and enter either an IP address or an IP subnet for that extension in the permit field. For an IP address, the syntax is For an IP subnet, the syntax would look like this: This one tip would have been worth $120,000 to the Australian company referenced above. Yes, consultants can be worth their weight in gold. :-)

If you're as absent-minded as we are, you don't want to have to worry about remembering this each time you add a new extension to your system. So it's quite simple to change the default permit entry from to the subnet mask of your LAN. Then you only have to adjust this entry whenever you add an extension which is not on your internal LAN. For example, if your LAN subnet is 192.168.0, then we want to replace the default entry with The file to edit is /var/www/html/admin/modules/core/functions.inc.php. Just search for $tmparr['permit'] in BOTH the iax2 and sip sections of the file and make the value substitution preserving the single quotes on both sides of your new entries.

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