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   #Example command to run:-   #Example command to run:-
   #ldapsearch -x -D '​cn=Test User,​ou=People,​dc=prod,​dc=domain,​dc=net'​ -w '​ChangeME'​   #ldapsearch -x -D '​cn=Test User,​ou=People,​dc=prod,​dc=domain,​dc=net'​ -w '​ChangeME'​
-  #-b cn=Test User,​ou=People,​dc=prod,​dc=domain,​dc=net -s base -h gy-asp-inet01.prod.domain.net description+  #-b cn=Test User,​ou=People,​dc=prod,​dc=domain,​dc=net -s base -h inet01.prod.domain.net description
   ​   ​
   #Result:-   #Result:-
Line 75: Line 75:
   ​   ​
   echo "​ldapsearch -x -D ${BINDNAME} -w ${BINDPASSWORD} -b ${SEARCHBASE} -s ${SCOPE} -h gy-asp-inet01.prod.domain.net description"​   echo "​ldapsearch -x -D ${BINDNAME} -w ${BINDPASSWORD} -b ${SEARCHBASE} -s ${SCOPE} -h gy-asp-inet01.prod.domain.net description"​
-  ldapsearch -x -D ${BINDNAME} -w ${BINDPASSWORD} -b ${SEARCHBASE} -s ${SCOPE} -h gy-asp-inet01.prod.domain.net description+  ldapsearch -x -D ${BINDNAME} -w ${BINDPASSWORD} -b ${SEARCHBASE} -s ${SCOPE} -h inet01.prod.domain.net description
   ​   ​
   ​   ​
Line 92: Line 92:
   [scope@gy-mon01 ldap]$ cat ldapserverlist.txt   [scope@gy-mon01 ldap]$ cat ldapserverlist.txt
-  ​gy-inet01.prod.domain.net +  inet01.prod.domain.net 
-  ​gy-inet02.prod.domain.net +  inet02.prod.domain.net 
-  ​gi-inet01.giprod.int.domain.com +  inet01.giprod.int.domain.com 
-  ​gi-inet02.giprod.int.domain.com +  inet02.giprod.int.domain.com 
-  ​ka-inet01.kaprod.int.domain.com +  inet01.kaprod.int.domain.com 
-  ​ka-inet02.kaprod.int.domain.com+  inet02.kaprod.int.domain.com
   ​   ​

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