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 +rem #Staff profile
 +rem #Written Andrew Stringer, copyright Birmingham MediaHub
 +write "Start of OU=ERC.Mediahub Profile Login Script."​
 +write " "
 +map s16:​MARS/​SYS:​PUBLIC
 +map root p:​=MARS/​sys:​\public
 +map root i:​=MARS/​vol11:​erc_all
 +rem #​P:​\Dataprot.exe
 +write "You are %LOGIN_NAME.%LOGIN_CONTEXT "
 +DOS SET user="​%LOGIN_NAME"​
 +rem sayit can be used for simple broadcast messages at login.
 +rem #P:\sayit Due to an update problem with sophos on w98, a script
 +will now attempt to delete the sophos folder. This is not unexpected
 +rem IF OS="​WIN98"​
 +rem #​p:​\killsweep.bat
 +rem END
 +#​\\mars\sys\sweep\w95inst\setup -inl -a
 +IF DAY_OF_WEEK="​Monday"​
 +#​p:​\modemtest\testmod.bat  ​
 +write "end of ERC profile."​
 +write " "
 +Container login script
 +write "Start of WJC ou login script"​
 +#​\\mars\sys\sweep\w95inst\setup -inl -a
 +if member of "WJC Staff Group" then
 +map root h:​=MARS/​vol1:​users\wjc\%LOGIN_NAME
 +map root k:​=MARS/​vol1:​users\wjc\clients
 +map root j:​=MARS/​vol1:​erc_home\wjc
 +if member of "WJC Client Group" then
 +map root h:​=MARS/​vol1:​users\wjc\clients\%LOGIN_NAME
 +write "End of WJC ou login script"​

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