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-====== LDAP and Novell'​s eDirectory ====== 
-It's been a long time since I have used Novell'​s Netware for anything and at that time I was using it for a file and print server. Recently I have been using OpenLDAP on Linux and have been experimenting extracting info from AD using Linux tools. Out of interest I thought about testing eDirectory with OpenLDAP too.  
-I have built a NetWare 6.5 server as a guest running in Virtual Box. [[rb:​nw6#​running_netware_65_in_virtualbox|Netware 6.5 in Virtual Box]]. 
-The NDS tree hierachy follows the same pattern as for the AD w2k3 server, it is located in a subdomain the Netware server is authoritative for, nds.mydomain.pri. ​ The server related objects are placed in OU=servers, DC=nds, DC=mydomain,​ DC=pri and users are in OU=users, DC=nds, DC=mydomain,​ DC=pri. 
-A basic search query looks like this:- 
-  ​ 
-  -bash-3.2$ ldapsearch -h -x -D cn=admin,​ou=people,​dc=nds,​dc=mydomain,​dc=pri -b dc=nds,​dc=mydomain,​dc=pri 
-  # extended LDIF 
-  # 
-  # LDAPv3 
-  # base <​dc=nds,​dc=mydomain,​dc=pri>​ with scope subtree 
-  # filter: (objectclass=*) 
-  # requesting: ALL 
-  # 
-  ​ 
-  # nds.mydomain.pri 
-  dn: dc=nds,​dc=mydomain,​dc=pri 
-  objectClass:​ domain 
-  objectClass:​ top 
-  objectClass:​ ndsLoginProperties 
-  objectClass:​ ndsContainerLoginProperties 
-  ...edited.... 

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