IBM 8285 Workgroup ATM switch

IBM8285 was a workgroup swithc with 12 25MB/s ATM ports and one option for a 155MB/s module. Optionally, it could have an expansion chassis which housed up to 3 blades which were common to the IBM9260 core switch (The 8265 ATM switch was a later design and higher throughput with the option of housing the next gen blades).

IBM 8285 manual

This page describes a simple LAN emulation config with a LAN Emulation Server (LES/BUS), but without a LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS).

Bootup - no messages are echoed to the console (9600 8N1, no flow control)

8285 Nways ATM Workgroup Switch
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1996, 1998. All rights reserved.


Welcome to system administrator service on 8285_02.

show device gives an overview:-
Location and contact are set in snmp.

Subnet atm is for Classical IP, Subnet lan emulation ethernet/DIX is the ethernet Lan Emulation client built in to the switch.

ATM address :39.82.6F. is the base switch address, the last 00 is the selector byte, the 02 for the LES refers to the inbuilt Lan Emulation Server address.

UP confirms that the switch LEC is connected to ELAN1.

There is another LAN emulation client built into the switch but I believe it is hardwired to Token Ring, so it will not be discussed further.

Also, the switch is not a router, so the two LAN emulation clients subnets cannot be routed between.

8285_02> show device 
8285 Nways ATM Workgroup Switch
Name : 8285_02
Location :
For assistance contact :

Manufacture id: VIM
Part Number: 51H4119 EC Level: E59245
Serial Number: 9900            
Boot EEPROM version: v.3.2.2
Flash EEPROM version: v.3.2.2
Flash EEPROM backup version: v.1.3.0
Last Restart : 15:34:12 Thu 21 Jun 2018 (Restart Count: 22)

 > Subnet atm: 
 IP address: Subnet mask:

 > Subnet lan emulation ethernet/DIX
   Config ELAN Name :"ELAN1"          
   Actual ELAN Name :"ELAN1"
   MAC Address: 400082858501
   IP address : Subnet mask: FF.FF.FF.00
   ATM address    :39.82.6F.
   Config LES addr:39.82.6F.
   Actual LES addr:39.82.6F.
   BUS ATM address:39.82.6F.
   Config LECS add:none
   Actual LECS add:
   LEC Identifier: 1. Maximum Transmission Unit: 1492


These were set with :-

  set device atm_address  39.82.6F.

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