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   $ git config --global user.email me@mycomp.co.uk   $ git config --global user.email me@mycomp.co.uk
   $ git config --global user.name Real Name   $ git config --global user.name Real Name
 +You can see the current settings in force with:-
 +$ git config --list
 +alias.a=!git add . && git status
 +Note this also shows aliases which are useful shorthand:-
 +$ git s
 +On branch master
 +Your branch is up to date with '​github/​master'​.
 +Untracked files:
 +  (use "git add <​file>​..."​ to include in what will be committed)
 + fullstack-expt/​.terraform/​
 +nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)

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