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 Test circuit on the Cisco router. ​ Test circuit on the Cisco router. ​
-For the purposes of this exercise, the router ​will have IP address and the linux machine will have the IP address ​ want the atm addresses to be entirely different to the ones I use internallyso I will set the router ​to and the other end, my Ubuntu server ​machine will have the IP address ​
   interface ATM1/0.90 point-to-point   interface ATM1/0.90 point-to-point
-   ​description ATM link to linux machine -- 1C4+   ​description ATM link switch
    mtu 9180    mtu 9180
    ip unnumbered BVI1    ip unnumbered BVI1
Line 99: Line 99:
    no snmp trap link-status    no snmp trap link-status
    pvc 0/70    pvc 0/70
-    protocol ip 192.168.0.broadcast+    protocol ip 172.16.0.broadcast
     encapsulation aal5snap     encapsulation aal5snap
    !    !
   ​   ​
-  ip route atm1/0.90+  ip route atm1/0.90

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