Cisco 1760 voip

1760 router

Cisco's 1760 supports two WIC cards in the left hand slots and two Voice WIC cards in the right hand slots. Internally, there are two PVDM slots for a DSP card.

VIC-2fxs card in UK


Well guys it has taken my 4 hours tonight but I believe I have an answer. Some tests I did with the BT Converse 220 phone (lets call this a UK phone) and a SMART Ohmmeter / Voltmeter suggested that the UK phone was using pins 2 & 5 on the RJ11 to perform the task I was expecting on pins 3 & 4 (centre).

I decided to do some research and found these sites:

In a nutshell this confirmed my thoughts, that the speech/ring combination on the UK phone was pins 2 and 5.

Now we already know that the Router FXS is expecting the signal on pins 3 & 4 so the thing to do is make an RJ11 that meets that need, hence:

FXS Wiring:
Router Pin 3 <----> UK Phone Pin 2
Router Pin 4 <----> UK Phone Pin 5


Router Pin 3 <----> UK Phone Pin 5
Router Pin 4 <----> UK Phone Pin 2

------] Pin2<------------->Pin4 [--------
Phone ].........................[ Vic2FXS
------] Pin5<------------->Pin3 [--------
Where the 2<->4 & 5<->3 can be 2<->3 & 5<->4?

*The Polarity makes no difference, though one of these will be the correct way*

BTW - if you are using a 4 wire cable, the two centre wires are 3-4 (usually red/green) and the two outside (usually yellow/Black) are 2/5. Sorry if that is obvious, it wasn't to me when I started.

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