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 ====== Authenticating against LDAP ====== ====== Authenticating against LDAP ======
 +===== ldapsearch =====
 +''​ldapsearch''​ is a command used to gather information from LDAP, but it can be used to test login auth too, if a user can bind successfully,​ they can be considered to authenticated,​ depending on what groups a user is a member of can be used to determine if they are authorized to access a specific resource.
 +ldapsearch -h <​LDAPserverHostname>​ -D "bind DN" -W -b "​searchbase DN"
 +-h LDAP server hostname \\
 +-b searchbase \\
 +-D bind DN \\
 +-W prompt for password on screen \\
 ===== Cannot find group info ===== ===== Cannot find group info =====
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 +===== ToDo =====

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