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 ====== Blame Microsoft for Viruses ====== ====== Blame Microsoft for Viruses ======
- +I read with some concern that 78% of business users in a survey regard the sentance passed on Sven Jaschan as too lenient (Businesses 'let down' by virus writers ruling, 14th July 2005). 
 +This  misses the point entirely. The organisation that has let users down is not the German courts, it is Microsoft. 
 +The inability of Microsoft to produce a secure product should be of vital concern to mission critical system users such as coastguards,​ hospitals and airlines (*) . Any repercussions should fall on Microsoft, but wisely it's licence agreement absolves it of any responsibility to even deliver a product that works at all, so we are lucky that Windows works as well as it does. 
 +It is time to consider the move to open-source desktops. The underlying GNU/Linux operating system has proved itself more secure than Windows and the desktop environments offer as many features as users need. I use an open-source desktop and have done so for the last two years and I have no problems exchanging information with my colleagues using windows; my only regret has been not switching sooner. 
 +* Indeed Microsoft believes this too because it's licence explicitly disallows the use of it's software for certain mission critical uses.

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