FVC Access ATM Switch

The second phase of ERC installations uses an First Virtual Corperation (FVC) Access Series ATM switch to provide the interface to the network. Most sites at the moment only use the ethernet port to connect to the ethernet switch, but there are some sites where a machine may be connected to the 25MB/s atm ports on the left hand side. This is usually where an ERC site shares a location with another organisation connected to the Mediahub network, and requires access to a different network.

2mbsa.jpg The wide area network connection will come into the ERC site either on a Birmingham Cable Leased Line, or by a radio or infra red laser link. This connection will plug into the first of the 2MB/s ports on the switch. A solid green LED indicates that a connection between the incoming network and the switch has been established. A solid red LED indicated that the port is not in use, or that a link has not been established. The middle yellow LED should only be lit if there is a fault.
fvcanim.gif The green "Power" LED should be lit at all times, whilst the "Fault" LED should never be lit. Call Media Hub to resolve any problems.
The "Cells" LED will flash to indicate traffic passing through the switch. At busy times, it will flash almost continuously, but it may only flash intermittantly when not used much.
The output of the FVC switch feeds the input of the IBM ethernet switch. This connetion is made from the ethernet port on theFVC switch using a special type of network cable to crossover the two receive and transmit pairs. The "L" LED (link) should be on at all times, the "D" LED (data) flashing indicates data passing through the ethernet port and is normal.